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Early Learning Centres

Beginning in 2010, Workplace Learning PEI provided support to individuals going through the ECCE courses at Holland College. We also provided upgrading for those needing to work on their Essential Skills before the second intake began in March 2011 and assessed additional individuals who applied for March intake.

We  developed the following plan to ensure our support was accessed by anyone who needed it.

  • Workplace instructors attend all face-to-face classes to be more visible to the students and be available to offer help and answer questions.
  • Workplace instructors work together to provide assistance to students in rural areas.
  • Workplace instructors offer study skill workshops to help students build good study skills.
  • Students requiring Essential Skill updating continue to build these skills as we provide them with one-on-one support throughout their course.

The end result was  enhanced skills in reading, writing and computer use as well as entry level requirements for their sector. Many of the Early Childhood Educators have chosen to continue with the next level of study. Workplace Learning is continuing to provide support two evenings a week to those students who require it.


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