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Our Team


Executive Director

Lori Johnston –


Lori Johnston has been instrumental in establishing workplace learning opportunities in workplaces and for the workforce for more years than she readily admits.  Her experience, at both the provincial and national levels, has resulted in creative and exciting programs being offered across PEI.  Lori never operates from the point of view as something not being able to be done but from the positive view of how it can be done, what needs to occur to make good things happen.

Her infectious sense of humour and commitment to employees, employers and Islanders in general have resulted in positive changes in the lives of individuals and families in this province and beyond.  Lori has been invited to make presentations on the Workplace Learning PEI model and on the projects she has led.  She has served on national committees, sharing her knowledge and expertise.  She is always ready and willing to teach but she is always the first person to enjoy the excitement of how much she learns from others, at the same time.  Lori is a real team player and turns to those she works with to share in the excitement of making great things happen in workplace learning.  Lori is not all work and no play….just give her a chance to attend meetings away from home and she hits every gourmet restaurant in any guide book in any province or state!!

Essential Skills Coordinators

Mark Douglas – BEd, HRM

Mark is the resident office technological guru and comedian. His witty humour and passion for learning and technology make him a true pleasure to have in the office. Mark serves as a jack of all trades at Workplace Learning.  He is an essential skills coordinator, story teller, facilitator, and tech guy. He is an ideas man and is someone who always tries to think outside the box when it comes to learning, especially if technology can be incorporated.

In Mark’s free time he enjoys playing his bagpipes, sailing his sailboat,  dancing with a sombrero, talking about the mafia and bragging about his baby girl!

Jeremy MacEachern – BBA, BEd
Jeremy’s the calm and cool factor:  Steady Eddie – the old iron cross.  He’s that dependable guy that keeps a group relaxed when the going gets tough: Perfect vibe for assisting with GED test writers and working in an adult learning environment. His educational interests are working with hearing impaired learners in inclusive education. He’s currently training in sign-language and hopes to integrate new approaches to students with various learning disabilities. He’s been working with a host of technology to support adaptive learners from Kurzweil, Dragon Naturally Speaking, Premier Literacy, Reading Horizons, and integrating them into SMART notebook lessons and methods to foster what he calls a “digitally-supported inclusive lesson.” Sounds like fun. And if you’re ever in the need for some embarrassing monologue scripts, he’s your guy.

Suzi DeBlois -BSc (Honours), English Minor

Suzi is a certified Cambridge University CELTA Instructor and also an Oxford Seminars Instructor for adult ESL. She is the office organizer, and planner. A meticulous details person that ensures projects, deadlines, and “those special little bits” are always accounted for. When it comes to putting the training needs of the learner first, Suzi is your woman. She excels working with many diverse groups and clients that require specific, acute training. Her bright personality comforts the needs of learners and training situations. She has a flexible, easy-going approach that blends extremely well with corporate training initiatives. She also keeps a hidden stash of tasty treats. This makes Mark and Jeremy happy.