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Instructional Systems Design


Instructional Design (also called Instructional Systems Design (ISD)) is the practice of creating “instructional experiences which make the acquisition of knowledge and skill more efficient, effective, and appealing.”

Ultimately, all training initiatives need to make business sense. At Workplace Learning we have over 16 years of experience working with a diverse range of companies and organizations in assisting them with their training needs. We have completed instructional design for Aerospace, seafood processing, Manufacturing, governmental, and non-profit businesses. Usually the conversation with a client begins with the question, “What is holding (your business) back?” From there, we use a backwards design model to align business needs with effective learning solutions. All options are available, in terms of what a training model can resemble; the only constraint is whether or not it makes good business sense.


Online & Blended Learning


Are you interested in training systems that can replace, extend, or augment your current training experience? Is training too costly, ineffective, or perhaps too difficult to schedule in to your busy work schedule? As Instructional designers we develop learning and training solutions that are timely, cost-effective and flexible. We host our own Learning Management System (LMS) that we can create, host and administer short-term (or long-term) training needs. We have a portfolio of work in various sectors that can help showcase our services and past work.

Moodle® LMS: We create online courses that can be rapidly deployed using our Moodle LMS system. Employee’s can have their own login and course with detailed performance and statistics to help understand any gaps in training outcome expectations. We can develop the content, or help you design or implement your own material through video capturing We recommend Camtasia® software for video/screen capture editing/production.

Microteaching: Not all companies want lengthy curriculum. We find several companies are looking for self-contained training courses that can be accessed online with easy to use video and game-based lessons – that can deployed rapidly and updated quickly. For this, we recommend Articulate Storyline 2®. We have considerable experience developing online video-based lessons and scenarios that can capture your training needs in an effective, expedient manner.




Workplace learning has been involved with many diverse industries as workplace/adult education subject matter expert. We’re here to provide custom training solutions and consulting to your organization and consultations in many areas related to adult learning, training, and assessment.

We can help your organization improve:

  • Customer service, internal communication, leadership and coaching and mentoring skills

We can help you discover new learning opportunities

  • Educational Technology integration consultation: online learning options including Learning Management Systems, gamed-based learning, micro-teaching, video-based learning, blended and differentiated learning needs for your organization.


Pre-employment, Employment Assessments


Ensuring staff have the proper essential skills for the job is best ensured before they start working. At Workplace Learning we have considerable experience designing simple to more complex assessments that serve a wide range of business and organization needs. Traditional paper-based and web-driven assessments are both available options depending on your need. We are certified Question Complexity designers through


Training Needs Assessment


The very first step of conducting a Training Needs Assessment (TNA) is to determine the expected business outcomes or training goals.

The ultimate goal of the training should be clearly articulated and kept in the forefront to ensure that the entire needs assessment process keeps the desired outcomes in sight.

It is best for an employer to answer the question: “How will we know that the training worked?”

The Training Needs Assessment examines the following factors and determines what affect they have on training outcomes:

  • Current hiring practice
  • Current training practice/curriculum
  • Mentoring/coaching practice
  • Work flow within the unit
  • Complexity level of tasks
  • Complexity level of documents
  • Overall skill level of employees/ability to effectively perform tasks and navigate workplace documents
  • Communication flow
  • Attitudes about training and learning

The information is gathered by touring the facility, collecting/analyzing workplace documents, interviewing key stakeholders, direct observation of work and work flow and one to one surveys with employees.


Findings and recommendations from the TNA help the organization make informed decisions around the steps they need to take to align learner needs with organizational goals and build flexible, effective work related learning programs.




We routinely work with new trainers to help them become more confident and effective in their training delivery by helping them:

  •  Learn the foundations of adult learning theory and instructional design methodology.
  •  Gain a foundation in conducting a needs assessment, developing learning objectives, and evaluating the impact of your training initiatives.
  •  Learn and apply effective training techniques for, engaging a variety of learning styles, and creating an effective positive learning environment, and managing learning challenges.
  • Develop engaging training solutions that are learner-centered.