In our approach Workplace Learning PEI believes in:

Building Effective Partnerships

PEI is small which makes it easier to work together. But, just like good relationships, effective partnerships need work. You need to build trust, deliver on your promises and have good two-way communications.

Good partners help one another succeed – a win for a partner is a win for you!

An Asset Based Approach

Whether working with an individual or a company the first step is to assess the knowledge, skills and experience that exists.

Increasing Capacity

Capacity – the ability or power to do.

When we work with a company an overarching principle we adhere to is to increase the capacity of those we train to carry on the processes after we leave. With individual clients we teach ‘how to learn’ which increases the capacity of the learner to better manage the rest of the journey independently.

Customized Flexible Solutions

Training and learning systems should not be a one size fits all approach.

The first step to a good training response is a needs assessment. This process identifies everything that affects training and focuses on making recommendations flexible enough to meet both the employer and employee needs. It’s a ‘win- win’.