In 2017, we celebrated 20 years as Workplace Learning PEI!
We have been around since 1997 promoting the benefits of workforce development and Workplace Essential Skills (WES) training to employers, job seekers, politicians and anyone else who would listen.

We started out as Workplace Education PEI In 1997, knocking on employer doors, to drive home the benefits of WES training and the fact that 60% of Islanders, with low levels of Essential Skills, were in the workforce. That meant that the best place to offer training programs was at work. Employers bought in and award-winning workplace education programs were established at places like Cavendish Farms, Royal Star Foods, Durabelt, DME, Paderno and the City of Charlottetown.

In 2007 Workplace Education PEI became incorporated as Workplace Learning PEI Inc (WLPEI). We continue to work with employers in many sectors (aerospace, advanced manufacturing, food processing, boat building). In 2015 we expanded our services to include WES Programs for those seeking to enter or advance in the workforce.

Over the years we have built effective partnerships with many service delivery organizations, industry groups and businesses on PEI – all working together to help Islanders and those new to PEI, become fully contributing members of the Island economy.

There are many stories to tell of successful workforce development initiatives and positive changes in people’s lives. We are particularly proud of the skills development work we have been doing, since 2010, with Indigenous people on Prince Edward Island.

Our business services now reflect our expertise in Human Resource Development – from supervisor training/coaching to training needs assessment and everything in between.

We haven’t forgotten our roots in Essential Skills. Strong foundational skills are the basis of a thriving workforce and a critical element of a successful human resource development plan.

We are looking forward to the next 10 years and the contribution we will make to the economic well being of businesses and job seekers on PEI.