New equipment, new procedures, new employees, new regulations –
these changes put demands on a business to raise the performance standard.
To respond employees need training to bridge the skills gap.

Where do you start? What training is needed?

Our Human Resource Development Officers can help.

How it Works

Whether you are looking for a complete Learning Management System with video-based learning; a more focused solution to a specific need, or individual employee training plans, we offer a range of solutions that are customized to align training with your business needs.

For each solution we offer the following approach:

At Workplace Learning PEI we understand that well trained employees are the key to business success.

Workplace Learning PEI has been successfully providing workplace essential skills training to employers since 1997. It has been shown that employees with developed essential skills, such as math, reading and using workplace documents – respond better to change, make fewer mistakes, work safer and contribute more at work.

One study that looked at Canada’s hotel industry, found an average of 25% return on investment for training programs, with some participating companies reporting returns as high as 300%. In addition to that, research revealed benefits and significant improvements in areas like oral communication and customer service. “What’s surprising,” says David Gyarmati, Research Director at SRDC, “is that even adequately skilled people saw performance gains they wouldn’t have otherwise had,” (Canadian Business Magazine, May 2014).

These reported gains required less than 20 hours of targeted training.